Forming opinions to shape the future
Jornal de Santa Catarina - 45 Years
Looking for the real power of local transformations made by people with strong opinions, we chose a group of few people who was doing things by their own to show how powerful independent attitudes can be and how strong personalities has impacts on society.

To help us to spread this message, besides print and television advertising, we did an open platform to connect people, their neighborhood and the existing projects - or push people to make their own - and become a part of a real impact that shapes a better future.

For the anniversary stamp that we developed, we inspired ourselves on the news paper journey through the press machine and in the end it transforms into pixels, meaning a new era to Jornal de Santa Catarina was about to begin.

Agency: Seven Comunicação Total
Creative Director: Juliano Tejada/Victor Fornerolli
Art Director: Edson Hayashi
Copywriter: Cassio Morais

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