Guerra do Imaginário
Brasil Paralelo
"Guerra do Imaginário" is a 2022 documentary made by Brasil Paralelo, a Brazilian Independent Media, and tells the journey of G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien through their friendship, unforgettable characters and opposite writers they faced in their time. The documentary was produced with different techniques and spot a light on why these three authors' stories still pass through generations.
Results: With a low budget product launch event and low traffic investment we achieved great results. We overpassed the goal and the supergoal stabilished by performance team, making R$3.2mi of R$2.3mi.
"Guerra do Imaginário" is avaliable only on Brasil Paralelo.

Guerra do Imaginário - Hitchcock Ad (2022)

Guerra do Imaginário - Product Launch Event

Guerra do Imaginário - Opening

Approval: Luan Licidonio/Daymon Richard
Copywriters: Danni Ferreira, João Mallet
Art Director: Edson Hayashi
Video Editors: Jonatas Modotti, Pietro Diaferia
Post Production: Edson Hayashi, Jonatas Modotti, Pietro Diaferia


Art Director:
Edson Hayashi
Video Editor:
Jonatas Modotti
Production: Juliana Chelotti
Photography Director:
Boris Ramalho


Guilherme Freire
Screenplay: Rafael Assis, Marcus Vinicius Lins
Showrunner: Lucas Ferrugem
Production Director:  Isabela Resende
Art Director: Carolina Gonçalves
Illustration: Vitor Casquín
3D: Vinícius Maia, Arthur Rentroia
Animation: Vinícius Maia, Arthur Rentroia
Photography Director: Boris Ramalho
Video Editors: José Renaldo, Marcus Mantovanelli
Sound Director: Ian Murray

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